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COVID-19/Coronavirus - The City of Chula Vista is suspending operations except for critical public safety operations. For other exceptions and additional information visit our Coronavirus page here.




Traffic Engineering Division

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 COVID-19 Limited Service

Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic and in the interest of public health and safety, Traffic Engineering is operating with limited availability.  Staff will not respond to service requests that require on-site visits until normal staff operation is restored.  Staff will continue to provide plan review services in coordination with the Development Services Department.

Traffic Signal and Lighting Maintenance crews will continue to respond to Traffic Signal and Lighting emergencies as soon as possible.

Residents are encouraged to submit all traffic service requests through ACT Chula Vista

 What We Do

Traffic Engineering works on projects and programs to improve the traffic safety of the streets in the City. Changes initiated by the Traffic Engineering Division are the result of studies to determine if a situation meets a set of standards, called "warrants." These warrants have been established by state and federal guidelines through years of engineering practice to provide uniform guidelines. If a particular circumstance meets the criteria, the guidelines are followed to eliminate a potential safety hazard.

 Traffic Engineering  Traffic Engineering
The Traffic Engineering Division provides traffic management services to the traveling public so they can enjoy a safe and efficient transportation system. To that end, the division is responsible for the development, monitoring, and implementation of traffic improvements in the City. The division also promotes traffic safety by providing for the safe movement of all users of the City's circulation system, including vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. The Traffic Engineering Division endeavors to establish a public traffic safety service by providing a communication link between the citizens of Chula Vista and City staff, along with the City Council via the Safety Commission Additionally, the Traffic Engineering Division coordinates with the Police Department on traffic safety issues. Traffic Engineering assists on all developments and reviews construction area traffic control plans.

Lastly, the Traffic Engineering Division performs field surveys of high accident locations and locations which experience congestion and initiates remedial traffic improvements, investigates all requests for traffic improvements, and takes any necessary corrective actions.

As Chula Vista continues to grow, so does the number of cars, bicycles and pedestrians traveling on City streets. The Neighborhood Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Program is designed to call attention to the safety and quality of life of the pedestrians, bicyclists, and motoring public within Chula Vista. There are four main goals to the program:


  1. Implement neighborhood traffic calming
  2. Reduce intersection collisions
  3. Improve pedestrian safety and vehicular circulation adjacent to schools
  4. Reduce accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists

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Contact Us

  • For general information regarding Traffic Engineering related topics, call (619) 691-5026 or send an email.
  • To report a malfunctioning traffic signal or streetlight, submit a Service Request or call (619) 397-6000.
  • Requests for All-Way Stop installations, or to notify Traffic Engineering of safety concerns, please write a detailed letter to:

City Traffic Engineer
City of Chula Vista – Traffic Engineering Division
276 Fourth Avenue
Chula Vista, CA 91910

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