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Salt Creek DIF Report

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Salt Creek Sewer Basin Development Impact Fee Study

The City first developed a sewer analysis and basin plan for the Salt Creek Sewer Basin in 1994. The purpose of the basin plan was to project development in the basin, determine sewer facilities needed to serve development, and to calculate an impact fee to recover the cost of those facilities. The 1994 Study included the Salt Creek Interceptor Reaches 1 through 8 at a total cost of $8.2 million. At that time, Reach 9 was assumed to be a regional facility that would serve customers outside of the Salt Creek Basin. The cost of Reaches 1 through 8 was spread among nearly 29,000 equivalent dwelling units (EDUs) in the basin to calculate a Salt Creek Sewer Basin development impact fee (DIF) of $284 per EDU. The City adopted the DIF with Ordinance No. 2617 on December 6, 1994. The concept of the DIF is that customers benefiting from capital facilities should pay their proportionate share for the construction of those facilities.

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