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Streets & Sidewalks – Pave, Maintain and Repair 

Measure P is improving our streets and sidewalks!

The paving, repair and maintenance of streets and sidewalks using Measure P funding has begun! Already $15 million of street projects are underway. Click here to explore the interactive map showing the location of these projects. Engineers are currently designing sidewalk repairs and construction is scheduled to begin in summer 2019.

How the City Prioritizes Street Repairs
The City of Chula Vista uses the industry standard "Pavement Condition Index" (PCI) system to rate the conditions of streets all over the City, which helps to prioritize and schedule work. The pavement condition ratings are:

0 to 25 are very poor – [Link to very poor street list]
25 to 50 are poor – [Link to poor street list]
50 to 70 are fair
70 to 100 are good to very good

Currently, 169 residential street segments have a rating between 0 to 25, which are considered failed streets. Measure P is addressing these streets first. Additionally, there are 305 residential street segments with PCI of 26-50 that are in poor condition and are considered to be approaching failure. While the 0 to 25 rated streets are the top priority for use of Measure P funds, street segments from this list also will be considered for repair. 


Quick Links

Interactive Map of Measure P Projects

Searchable List of Rated Streets (Pavement Condition Index - PCI)

Map of Color-Coded Street Conditions

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