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Traffic Engineering Division

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to_trafficsignalThe Traffic Engineering Division provides Traffic Signal and Streetlight Services to road users and residents so that they may move and live safely and efficiently.  Services provided are Engineering-timing and coordination, maintenance and repair.


There are over 9,000 streetlights throughout Chula Vista.  Repairs are completed within three to five working days to ensure adequate nighttime visibility.  Traffic Devices Technicians replace burned out streetlights in residential areas as they are reported and perform periodic nighttime surveys along major streets to identify outages.

Traffic Signals

There are over 270 signalized intersections in Chula Vista.  Traffic signal emergencies are responded to within one hour upon notice to the traffic operations section; all traffic signal malfunctions are evaluated within 48 hours.  Traffic devices technicians perform preventive maintenance to vital signal equipment on an annual basis. 


  1. Streetlights in newly constructed subdivisions are the responsibility of the developer to maintain, please direct requests to their representative.
  2. The City of Chula Vista does not maintain streetlights on private streets; please contact your homeowners association to report an outage on a private street.

Report an Issue/Contact Us

To report a traffic signal malfunction or report a streetlight or an illuminated street name sign outage, follow the procedures below:

  • Obtain Information
    1. Street name and address where the streetlight is located.  Indicate if pole is in front of, across from or between addresses.
    2. Nearest cross street.
    3. Any detail regarding the nature of the malfunction, i.e. time of day, direction of travel –for signal malfunctions.
    4. Your name and a contact number.
  • Report Information using any one of the following:

    • To report a malfunctioning traffic signal or streetlight, please call (619) 397-6000, or submit your request online.

    • Fax information to (619) 397-6298

    • To report an after hours emergency, call (619) 691-5151.

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