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Sanitary Sewer Collection System Management Program and Pump Maintenance

The Collection System Maintenance Program is comprised of two sections, Collections and Pump System Maintenance. Collections provides ongoing preventative cleaning, maintenance and repair of over 495 miles of pipe ranging from 6" to 42". The Pump Maintenance section provides routine maintenance and other remedial work to 12 sewer lift stations, the Chula Vista Nature Center marine life support systems, four fountains, Heritage Pond, the heating and water treatment systems of two public pools and all the City's Parks irrigation pumps.

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Field staff from these two sections work collectively to provide professional routine and proactive maintenance program and emergency response to ensure the city's collection system operates as designed significantly reducing the possibilities of sewer pump station failures or Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO's). This reduces health hazards, property damage, extensive repairs, cleaning costs associated with damage caused by SSO's and promotes a cooperative atmosphere with other City departments and external agencies. The maintenance program provides the citizens and businesses we serve a collection system that is dependable and clear of obstruction while protecting our citizens, business owners and our environment from SSO's.

City Vactor FleetGoals and Objectives

  • Zero SSO’s.
  • Maintain aggressive sewer line cleaning program by cleaning city sewer lines once per year.
  • Continue proactive CCTV program by inspecting and average of 47 miles of sewer lines per year
  • Timely response customer inquiries
  • Timely response to emergency calls
  • Proactive participation in sewer line repair and replacement.
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