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We want everyone to enjoy our City parks and safety is a priority!  Our parks are monitored by Park Rangers who enforce the following rules:  Make a Reservation 

General Park Rules

  • No smoking in City parks.
  • All trash/litter must be placed in trash cans (or recycling bins when available). No confetti.
  • You may bring tables, chairs and canopies (up to 3 canopies maximum; each no larger than 10x10 feet).
  • Catered events must have a Park Reservation, and under certain circumstances a Special Event Permit.
  • No loud or live music, TVs, or generators. Battery powered radios/stereos are allowed at a reasonable volume.
  • No animals are allowed (without a permit or approval from Parks staff) except leashed dogs and cats. Leash can be no longer than 6 ft.  Please pick up after your pets!
  • ALL vehicles (including motorcycles) must stay in parking areas. No driving on park grounds.
  • Fires must be contained in propane-style BBQ grills only.  No charcoal grills, deep fryers or fire pits allowed.
  • No guns, firecrackers, rockets, torpedoes, air guns, slingshots or paint ball guns.
  • No overnight camping.
  • Fees cannot be charged for activities in the park (including merchandise sales) without a Special Event Permit.
  • Signs, posters, leaflets, handouts or other advertising are prohibited.
  • Electricity is not for public use in any park without a Special Event Permit.
  • 15’ x 15’ air jumps are allowed in selected parks by permit only and by approved vendors. The email confirmation they receive from the City upon filling out the Confirmation form will serve as your permit (they will bring it to your event). One air jump permit per shelter. No combos, slides, or oversized air jumps (unless approved by the Parks staff - please complete and submit the Special Park Use Form). 
  • Pony rides are permitted in selected parks by permit only by approved vendors. The email confirmation they receive from the City upon filling out the Confirmation form will serve as your permit (they will bring it to your event). One pony permit per shelter. 
  • Game trucks may not park at any park (except Eucalyptus Park) without a Special Park Use Permit.
  • Food trucks are not allowed to park in any City parking lot, nor on any City street.
  • Model airplanes, giant human hamster balls and lawn darts are prohibited.
  • Unreserved park facilities can be enjoyed on a first come, first served basis (up to 25 people).

Alcohol (NO kegs or glass; 21+ years of age only)

Alcohol is allowed at most City parks without a permit. Some parks do require an alcohol permit (see list below), which may be confirmed by City staff at any time.  Alcohol permits are included with Park Reservations or they may also be purchased separately for $30 residents/$60 non-residents.  You must be 21 years of age or older to have alcohol. Have your ID with you at all times. Again, NO kegs or glass are allowed in any Chula Vista park.  Failure to comply with alcohol rules may result in a fine.

  • Parks requiring an alcohol permit:

  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited at:
    • J Street Marina
    • Marina View Park
    • Bayside Park   

  • If a City of Chula Vista park is not listed above, alcohol is permitted. Be prepared to show ID to Park Rangers and Police personnel. Please drink responsibly.

Permits for Air Jumps & Pony Rides

Select a vendor from the City's approved list.  Once you contact your vendor and confirm your service, your vendor will receive an Email Confirmation your vendor receives for your park activity will be your permit. The vendor will have your permit in-hand when they arrive.

For More Information

Send us an email regarding park reservations, rules, regulations or cancellations.

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