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Historic Homes

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Below are just a few of Chula Vista's historic home photos, which were featured in the Heritage Museum's 2009 fundraiser calendar.

To see additional homes and other historic photographs, visit the Historic Photo Collection of Chula Vista.

Barber  Eitzen 
 Albert Barber House, 1888
138 Third Avenue (now at 151 Landis Avenue)
Abraham Eitzen House, 1911
138 Third Avenue (now at 151 Landis Avenue)
Note:  same house as left, different owners 
Skinner  Austin 
 Skinner House, 1900
 Clarence E. Austin House and Outhouse, early 1900s
604 Fourth Avenue
Crockett   FrankHowe
 Allison Crockett House, 1897
F Street (now at 320 Second Avenue)
Frank Howe House, 1894
329 J Street (demolished) 
Cordrey  Starkey 
 Hancil Cordrey House, 1880s
210 Davidson Street
 Augusta Starkey House
21 F Street
JohnHowe  Bronson 
 John Howe House, 1897
E Street (demolished)
 Byron Bronson House, 1888
613 Second Avenue
MacDonald  Rogers 
 Jennie MacDonald House and Garrettson-
Frank House (background), late 1880s
642 and 644 Second Avenue
Greg Rogers House, 1911
699 E Street (now at 616 Second Avenue) 

  • Does your home qualify as a historic home? | Click here.
  • To learn more about the history of Chula Vista, please visit the Chula Vista Heritage Museum or check out the local history room at the Chula Vista Public Library.
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