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COVID-19/Coronavirus - The City of Chula Vista is here to serve you. While in-person services are limited, many services are available online. For more details, please visit our Coronavirus page here




Coronavirus (COVED-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)      FAQ  

Local and Regional Data and Statistics

On April 3, 2020 the City of Chula Vista initiated COVID-19 related enforcement efforts across the community. These efforts were implemented to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. The City will share information on this page of Calls for Service, enforcement, education, and other information. 


COVID-19 awareness and enforcement dashboards

The dashboards below contain data users can review to better understand the awareness and enforcement efforts taking place where public safety, parks, public works, and code enforcement staff are actively engaging with the community to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Each tab contains information pertinent to community related concerns. We encourage you to navigate through each tab.

By selecting the right or left arrows at the bottom of the dashboard frame, you will be able to scroll through the different dashboards.

Data is updated weekly by Monday evening.



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