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Healthy Environment

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Healthy Environment 

Clean Air, Water, & Land

Chula Vista’s sustainability programs help ensure a clean, healthy environment and excellent quality of life Chula Vista is a nationally-recognized leader in implementing programs to improve the community’s health and sustainability. Through the City’s CLEAN initiative, residents and businesses are able to easily find and take advantage of numerous environmental services. These services help ensure clean air, water, and land for current and future Chula Vista community members and visitors.

Clean Air
Chula Vista offers free onsite assistance to help business managers and residents lower their monthly energy and water bills and install solar panels. Local alternative fueling stations provide convenient options to power electric, biodiesel, natural gas, and Flex Fuel vehicles. Miles of bike lanes, walkways, and public transit routes let adults and children choose healthier and cleaner commute options.

Clean Water
Regular street sweeping and cleanup events help prevent litter and other pollutants from flowing into storm drains and local waterways. Free community classes teach residents how to create sustainable, pesticide-free landscaping and to use compost instead of fertilizers.

Clean Land
Convenient curbside recycling pick-up, hazardous waste drop-off facilities and special collection events allow Chula Vista community members to easily and properly dispose of unwanted materials. Two weekly farmers markets and numerous community gardens promote healthy eating and provide easy access to fruits and vegetables. Over 9,000 acres of open space feature trails for running and hiking in the City’s near-perfect weather, while also serving as a refuge for sensitive species and other natural resources.
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