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Veterans Memorial Hall

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Welcome to The Veterans Memorial Hall, a virtual memorial, dedicated to those who died bravely in service to our country. These are hallowed halls filled with the legacy of heroes who gave of themselves that we may live free. Each veteran listed below contains a biography that can be access by clicking on their name.


Alber, Robert M.
Allen, Raymond
Anderson, Robert
Baum, John T.
Beach, Frederick A.
Barbour, Clarence W.
Brezar, Felix
Collins, Francis B.
Cook, Louis
Cooper Jr, Harry J.
Davies, Thomas J.
Dawson, Frank E.
Downey, Lawrence E.
Farrel, William S.
Fast, Chester K.
Fleischbein, Fred A.
Givens, Arthur
Gould, Joseph F.
Hare, Clifford E.
Harlan, Howard V.
Harlan, Sam R.
Hodge, Robert B.
Hoyt, Russell F.
Humphrey, Elmer A.
Irwin, William E.
Isom, Vernon G.
Jackson, Herbert G.
Johnson, Arthur
Johnson, Harold A.
Johnson, Robert K.
Jones, Charles P.
Kelly, Leonard P.

Kelso, John C.
Kincaid, Robert E.
King, Robert S.
Koester, James D.
Kugel, Ralph R.
L. Lambugh, Robert
Lee, George
Mathison, Ryder
May, George A.
McKenzie, Lloyd C.
Miller, Jack R.
Newport, Robert
O'Connor, Edward Jr.
Oppenheimer, Virgil L.
Owen, Donald C.
Pappas, John
Peabody, John E.
Pember, Keith S.
Perkins, James W.
Perrin, Forrest V.
Reichert, Leonard J.
Rigley, Frank
Roberts, John W.
Roberts, Verne H.
Robles, Arcadio
Roush, Henry
Saling, Thomas
Sanderson, John P.
Semple, Robert
Sherman, John H.
Shircliffe, R.
Short, R B
Smith, Gilbert


Smith, Kenneth D.
Steiner, Fred A.
Stewart, Theodore
Sullivan, Thomas J.
Swiencicki, Joseph W.
Taber, Victor C.
Talbot, Victor R.
Taylor, William H.
Thomas, Stivel E.
Thompson, Leon E.
Truesdell, Neil E.
Walton, Ivan
Welch, Bradford D.
Williams, William V.
Wise, Joseph H.

De La Toba, Loreto
Flores, Fidel G.
Hendrix, Donald J.
Lucero, Wesley
Stefas, Frank
Wolfsdorf, Samuel N.

Bibler, Wilson E.
Biernacki, James R.

Bobbitt, Arthur
Brashear, William J.
Bright, Richard
Carbajal, Carlos G.
Cooper, Edwin E.
Engelman, Thomas A.

Ewing, Lon B.
Higgins, John I.
Himmer, Lawrence
Hobbs, Glen
Hunt, Philip M.
Ingram, Robert H.
Israel, Ralph W.
Kimble, Cleatus P.
Kincannon, Raymond O.
La Chica, John N.
Lew, Victor W.
Martin, Gerald
Myers, Charles L.
Oliver, Rick A.
Quilalang, Anastacio
Rambur, Michael
Sipes, Richard E.
Tridle, Leon P.
Venters, Roger L.
Webber, Brian L.
Weeder, Richard D.
Whitaker, Jere L.
Wildauer, Paul A.

Wyckoff Jr., Charles Edward
Lorenzo, Kristofferson B.

Bachar, Salem
Martinez, Michael J.
Mendez-Aceves, Fernando
Silva, Alfredo Barrajas
Spivey, Curtis R.

“And their names are engraven on honor’s bright crest.”
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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