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Adult SportsParks and Recreation(619) 585-5739
Block Party PermitCity Manager's Office(619) 691-5296
City MapsDevelopment Services, IT
Classes & ProgramsParks and Recreation(619) 409-5979
Community GardensClean(619) 409-3893
Community PlanningDevelopment Services
Computers & WifiLibrary
Downtown Parking PermitFinance(619) 691-5250
EventsCity Manager's Office
Innovation StationLibrary
Kindergarten Boot Camp - "KinderReadyGo!"Library
Local Farmers MarketsCity Manager's Office
Local HistoryLibrary
Museum PassesLibrary
Neighborhood WatchPolice(619) 476-2391
Park ReservationsPublic Works(619) 397-6197
Parking PermitFinance, Police
Pothole ReportingPublic Works(619) 460-2867
Preventing Crime and DisorderPolice
Recreation FacilitiesParks and Recreation
Reserve a Room or FacilityLibrary
Road ClosuresPublic Works(619) 691-5026
Sanitary Sewer OverflowsClean(619) 397-6000
Security Alarm PermitPolice(877) 503-6727
Senior ActivitiesParks and Recreation(619) 409-1930
Senior SafetyPolice
Service RequestEngineering, Public Works(619) 397-6000
Sewer Lateral InformationClean(619) 397-6000
Sewer RateEngineering, Public Works(619) 476-2350
Storm Water Pollution PreventionClean(619) 397-6000
Street SweepingPublic Works(619) 397-6000
Traffic EngineeringDevelopment Services, Engineering, Public Works(619) 691-5026
Trash and RecyclingClean(619) 691-5122
Vacation ChecksPolice(619) 476-2417
Vehicle AbatementDevelopment Services(619) 691-5280
Veterans Connect @ the LibraryLibrary(619) 691-5069
Water SafetyParks and Recreation
You Are Not Alone Police(619) 476-2417
Youth & TeensParks and Recreation(619) 691-5269
Youth SportsParks and Recreation(619) 409-1980
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